Gain confidence with Cloud Technical Engagement at InterConnect 2017

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Gain confidence with Cloud Technical Engagement at InterConnect 2017

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Adopting and thriving on cloud will make or break many industries.

Using cloud to transform business is this generation’s professional challenge, but digital transformation doesn’t have to be confusing or daunting. Whether you are just learning about the business value of cloud, or you’re in the middle of your own transformation, there’s room to learn and gain confidence in the next step.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn more about cloud at InterConnect 2017, and Cloud Technical Engagement offers proven, technical expertise for turning cloud strategies into reality.

Planning the path ahead and getting cloud architectures and workloads right can be challenging. A common question is, “How can I achieve my business goals and leapfrog my competition while meeting security, networking and other requirements?”

My team and I hear these concerns in the hallways of the companies we work with, from cloud-native startups to Fortune 100 companies. The Cloud Technical Engagement team at IBM Cloud turns challenges into opportunities, ensuring that the companies and teams with whom we collaborate leave each engagement knowledgeable and confident in their next steps.

This year, the Cloud Technical Engagement team is bringing lessons learned from countless engagements and successes to InterConnect. With a 4,000 square-foot Cloud Confidence Center, more than 100 breakout sessions (with a third of them featuring a specific client success story), more than 100 technical hands-on labs, a full slate of cloud certification exams and a staff of 300-plus experts, my team is ready to help attendees adopt cloud and achieve its maximum value quickly.

See for yourself at the Cloud Confidence Center

The Cloud Confidence Center, at booth #535, is one of the largest areas in the entire concourse. It’s where attendees can come to ask questions and discuss plans about cloud and get answers from experts. From understanding to adopting, all the way getting support, the team has a solution. Start a conversation with cloud adoption leaders, technical experts tasked with spearheading complex cloud adoption scenarios, who will come to understand your individual challenges and provide personalized recommendations based on your cloud journey.

Tell us your story, we’ll help you gain confidence towards your winning cloud strategy

Tell us your story, we’ll help you gain confidence towards your winning cloud strategy

Attendees can also talk with technical leaders from the IBM Bluemix Garage and Cloud Professional Services, who can describe how to quickly transform like a startup or craft and implement winning strategies on cloud. Discuss the latest technologies and trends in cloud or see tried and proven implementation patterns in action with the solution architecture team. Learn how support programs are ready to help you succeed with cloud every step of the way.

Breakout sessions, labs, certifications, and more

If speaking with experts on the concourse floor is not for you, drop by one of the breakout sessions or labs. Nearly all our experts attending InterConnect will be presenting in a session, leading a boot camp, facilitating a hands-on lab or proctoring certification exams. You are bound to come across one of our experts, whether you know it or not.

Breakout sessions

From cloud adoption leaders

  • Innovation at speed as mainstream across an enterprise, with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

  • IBM Bluemix Private Cloud for cloud service providers: Materna’s experiences and technical insight

From the Bluemix Garage

  • Pixxy’s startup journey: From great idea to validating an app in eight weeks

  • Experience IBM Design Thinking from the IBM Bluemix Garage

From Cloud Professional Services

  • Maximizing service management efficiency with an advanced correlation framework at Ford

  • How many rules? How do we estimate and plan that?: Planning for large-scale rules projects

From Solution Architecture

  • Top 10 performance best practices for designing and deploying enterprise applications on IBM Bluemix

  • IBM Cloud Architecture Center: Developed by our clients for our clients

Bootcamps and hands-on labs

  • Monitoring and diagnosing the performance problems of enterprise applications on IBM Bluemix

  • Creating open toolchains for IBM Bluemix

  • The practices of the Bluemix Garage developer: Extreme programming (for non-programmers)

  • Hands-on lab for IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM API Connect


  • IBM Cloud Platform Solution Architect v2

  • IBM Cloud Platform Application Development v2

  • IBM Cloud Platform Advanced Application Development V1

  • Foundations of IBM DevOps V1

  • IBM API Connect v. 5.0.5 Solution Implementation

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V9.0 Core Administration

Come talk with us

Meet the Cloud Technical Engagement team at IBM InterConnect to learn how to achieve value with cloud and get the confidence you need to transform. We look forward to seeing you!

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