Integrating IBM Cloud Data Shield Into Your Application Deployment Process

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When it comes to deploying production level applications into a Kubernetes environment, it's common to use a pipelining tool to automate deployment.

This blog post will show you how you can seamlessly integrate IBM Cloud Data Shield into your existing deployment schema.


You must have an Intel SGX-enabled Kubernetes cluster running on IBM Cloud with Data Shield installed.

Updating your application

Once you make changes to your application's source code, push to source control as usual. Most pipelining tools can be configured to trigger a job as soon as a given repo is updated.

Deploying and converting

Within your pipeline, add the following token generation and conversion shell commands (make sure to replace any relevant variables with those specific to your application and cluster).

TOKEN=$(ibmcloud cr token-add --non-expiring --readwrite --description 'EnclaveOS Container Converter' | sed -n 4p | awk {'print $2'})

(echo -n '{"auths":{"<region>":{"auth":"'; echo -n 'token:'"$TOKEN" | openssl base64 -A;  echo '"}}}')

export token=`ibmcloud iam oauth-tokens | awk -F"Bearer " '{print $NF}'`

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"inputImageName": "{registry}/{application_image}", "outputImageName": "{registry}/{application_image_sgx}", "threads": 128, "rwDirs": ["/"] }' -H "Authorization: Basic $token"  https://enclave-manager.{cluster}.{region}

The above commands generate auth tokens needed for conversion and use them to convert your application with the IBM Cloud Data Shield Enclave Manager running on your cluster. See the documentation for more information on application conversion.

Upon successful conversion, create your pod using the SGX converted image in your registry and an SGX configured deployment/pod specification.


IBM Cloud Data Shield is now seamlessly integrated into your existing deployment schema, leveraging the power of Intel SGX, and providing you the benefits of runtime encryption with just a few lines of code.

Get started with IBM Cloud Data Shield.

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