Integrating API and Event Operations in One Location with IBM Event Endpoint Management

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How IBM Event Endpoint Management and IBM API Connect offer discovery and self-service access to both APIs and events.

When APIs were first invented, it was like the Wild West — they were created left, right and centre by many disparate teams within businesses. This brought a whole set of challenges around duplication, versioning, access control and resource consumption. Essentially, there was no proper structure to manage and govern APIs or to ensure they were used securely and efficiently with a clear path to monetization. 

API management was the answer to these challenges. It emerged as a market segment and suite of capabilities designed to add structure and management to the entire API lifecycle. API management tools have grown since, maturing into the capable and secure tools you see today.

Managing events and APIs

Fast forward to the present, and we are in the same unmanaged situation – only this time with events. Event streaming technologies like Apache Kafka have seen massive excitement and adoption. However, these are organic, project-based efforts that face the same management and governance challenges as seen in the past with APIs.

Innovative companies have focused on developing event-driven architecture to bring order to event distribution throughout their enterprise. Currently, several vendors provide offerings in this space. However, only IBM has acted on the need for management and governance of events in common with APIs. There’s no need to wait several years for a comprehensive solution this time.

About IBM Event Endpoint Management

IBM’s Event Endpoint Management is in the market already, providing discovery and management for your streams of events. When working alongside IBM API Connect, it enables offer discovery and self-service access to both APIs and events together in one portal as part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration®. This consistent approach provides one place to go for synchronous and asynchronous interfaces, allowing the consumer to pick the right one for the job. IBM understands the need to integrate API and event operations in one location to help organizations move into the future and build an infrastructure that grows with changing technology needs.

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