Installing Jenkins X on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

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Introducing the Jenkins X open source project

The Jenkins X open source project is a continuous delivery solution that was designed and configured especially for Kubernetes. It comes with a simple installer tool that provides a turn-key install when pointed at a Kubernetes cluster, and it supports multiple Kubernetes environments with custom configurations for each.

IBM Cloud has a built-in, hosted Continuous Delivery toolchain that can be used for automating the building and deployment of applications. However, we know our customers sometimes like to use custom solutions, especially when building multi-cloud environments.

Jenkins X comes with regular Jenkins and additional components which are pre-wired together to provide an opinionated, out-of-the-box CI/CD for cloud-native applications on Kubernetes. These additional components include Nexus for caching build artifacts and chartmuseum for Helm chart repository. It also comes with Build Packs for creating quick-start applications and generating Dockerfile, Jenkinsfile, and Helm charts for existing applications. As a result, the CI/CD experience is seamless. It’s worth mentioning that IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI provides similar functionality.

Install Jenkins X on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Please follow the instructions in this blog to install Jenkins X on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

If you have trouble

For questions regarding the IBM Cloud Kubernetes service, engage our team via Slack by registering here. Join the discussion in the #questions channel on

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