Increasing Cargo Visibility and Reducing Food Waste

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Sensefinity is using smart sensors and IBM Cloud technology to build the internet of cargo.

Hunger is not a new problem. But hunger in a time of plenty—that’s much more modern. Across the globe, we produce more than enough food to feed everyone. In fact, every year more than 1.3 billion tons of food go to waste, while hundreds of thousands of people face food scarcity.

My company, Sensefinity, is working to reduce global food waste by improving the way we track perishable food and other important cargo as it travels from origin to destination.

Monitoring cargo in real-time

Although most logistics and transportation companies today have supply chain management systems, very little real-time monitoring takes place while goods are in transit. This leaves cargo vulnerable to a host of threats, including fluctuating temperatures, unexpected delays, and even theft.

Our patented smart sensors, called Sensoroids, are designed to address these specific issues. Equipped with GPS and GSM location technology, they can be attached to maritime containers, transport vehicles, and more. They use cellular and satellite networks to provide companies with a dashboard view of temperature and location information in real-time.

But our proprietary algorithms do more than that. With IBM Cloud as the infrastructure that supports our digital service, we can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer several unique instances and applications. To do this, we pull key information from data lakes—the nature of the transported goods, constraints under which the goods need to be transported, real-time conditions under which the goods are being transported, and locations and timestamps for the goods. Then, we use that information to do things like advise our customers about the safest routes or warn them when their equipment is on the verge of failure. Our technology can even make suggestions about hurrying up the sale of food that is on the verge of going bad.

A solid IBM Cloud infrastructure

IBM Cloud provides us with excellent security and stability while eliminating infrastructure outlay for new customers. Depending on local and industry requirements, Sensefinity’s customers can access their data over the IBM public cloud or over the IBM VPC. We also use IBM Cloud Managed Services, which lets us focus on our core business by keeping our security posture up to date and making sure that our solution runs optimally.

The IBM Cloud network also offers us remarkable scalability. Right now, we’re tracking thousands of containers all over the world, but we expect that number to rise dramatically. Soon, our solution will track approximately 100 million cargo assets in real-time, and we are confident that our IBM Cloud infrastructure will absorb the increase without issue.

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