Improving Your Event Streaming Experience with IBM Event Streams v2019.1.1

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Announcing IBM Event Streams v2019.1.1

Last year, we announced IBM Event Streams—our event streaming platform built on Apache Kafka®. Since then, the interest in Event-Driven Architectures has soared. Not only are clients interested in becoming more event-driven, they want to get up and running as soon as possible. Our goal with IBM Event Streams is to provide clients with the most efficient way to deploy and run Apache Kafka (while leveraging their existing IT systems) so that so they can ultimately build more differentiated, intelligent, event-driven experiences for their customers.

We are constantly evolving Event Streams with this goal in mind, and we have already delivered the following:

  • The most efficient way to deploy high-availability (HA), production-ready Apache Kafka for private cloud

  • An exceptional user experience

  • Unrivaled bi-directional connectivity with an IBM MQ network

This month, I’m excited to announce the availability of IBM Event Streams v2019.1.1, which is another step toward our goal and has the following features.

Fully certified Red Hat OpenShift Support

Now customers using Red Hat OpenShift can deploy IBM Event Streams into their OpenShift Kubernetes cluster and be confident that Event Streams is a fully Certified Cloud Pack. This extends the set of Kubernetes platforms supported by Event Streams, thus allowing clients to deploy and manage Event Streams alongside their other workloads in OpenShift.

New inbound REST API

Event Streams now ships with a REST API for inbound data, which provides a usable interface for almost any system or application to send events to Event Streams. This interface will help in situations where a native Kafka client is difficult or impossible to deploy (e.g., on hardware appliances like IBM DataPower or mainframe applications written in Cobol). These are just a few simple examples that highlight how you can use this interface from any application capable of posting a REST API. This new REST interface is part of how Event Streams helps you connect any of your existing IT investments to your event streaming platform.

Interfaces for external monitoring tools

As clients shift towards DevOps practices, it is an increasingly common requirement to monitor all of the code and middleware that an application uses in one place. Event Streams has always sent the relevant Kafka metrics to the Prometheus monitoring system included with IBM Cloud Private. This enables you to build almost any custom dashboard—but with this latest Event Streams update, clients can now make key operating metrics available to external tools, including, but not limited to, DatadogTM  and SplunkTM.   Event Streams v2019.1.1 also now exposes the raw JMX port, providing the ability to connect any custom tooling to this interface.

To learn more about what these new features mean for you, watch my webcast about Event Streams v2019.1.1.

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