Importing JSON documents into a NoSQL DB in Bluemix using NoSQLimport

By: Steve Johnston

Importing JSON documents into a NoSQL DB in Bluemix using NoSQLimport

Content and data come in many forms and formats: structured and unstructured; legacy data sources hosted on premise; etc. Using Bluemix, you have access to a number of NoSQL DBs which you can import that data into. This will help make your apps more scalable and flexible.

Content and data

When you have content and data that you need to import into a NoSQL database one option is using nosqlimportNosqlimport is an open source tool built based on couchimport. But it offers expanded capabilities allowing it to work with other JSON document stores.

In the tutorial Importing JSON Documents with nosqlimport, Glynn Bird gives background on the development and evolution nosqlimport. Then he shows how you can use it to import data in to NoSQL DBs such as Apache Couch DB, Mongo DB and/or Elastic Search.

The video above shows how you can use this to quickly import data into a NoSQL database and integrate in into an app on Bluemix. It shows this at an accelerated pace, but you can use this and the tutorial to help speed your own development on Bluemix.

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Use these additional resources to help you get started using NoSQL databases on Bluemix:

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