Momentum Builds for AI-Powered Automation

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IBM is building the industry’s most comprehensive suite of AI-powered automation capabilities.

Almost daily, I’m asked: “what’s the next ‘big thing’ for automation?” Automation reduces the complexity of work and brings simplicity to tasks, processes and decisions. So, the next big thing is the application of intelligent automation technologies across the enterprise to help employees reclaim up to 50% of their time to focus on strategic priorities and help organizations reduce costs and find new ways to innovate.

This journey to AI-powered automation is just beginning for many organizations, but the potential is clear — the IBM Institute for Business Value estimates that automation supported by AI will generate billions of dollars in labor value in 2022.

But organizations need to understand where and when to apply intelligent automation capabilities — robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), workflow, decisions, content and capture — for the greatest impact. To do this, customers must be able to identify the business and IT processes that can benefit most from automation. This is process mining, and the starting point for success.  

That’s why I’m so pleased that IBM plans to acquire myInvenio, a process-mining software company, which is already one of our strategic technology partners. This is an important step for the IBM Automation business because process mining is frequently the starting point for success, and myInvenio’s technology lets customers discover and analyze current processes and simulate future processes so they can gain confidence in the changes and understand their impact.

With myInvenio, IBM can help customers identify the business processes that may benefit most from automation. When myInvenio capabilities are added to existing workflow, decisions, RPA, content and capture capabilities, we’ll be able to offer customers a one-stop shop for implementing enterprise-wide intelligent automation to support digital labor, augmented workforces and automated operations. With myInvenio, I anticipate that we’ll be the first vendor to offer such a complete and integrated set of end-to-end AI-powered automation capabilities to customers. The capabilities will be part of the IBM Cloud Paks for Automation and powered by Red Hat Open Shift to run anywhere — helping customers automate their entire enterprise.

The IBM Automation business is at an inflection point, and our strategic acquisitions and partnerships are a major contributor to our momentum. I am proud of the work we are doing and the steps we are taking to make our vision for the business a reality.

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For more information on the acquisition news, please see the press release.

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