IBM Power Systems Virtual Server Helps FNZ Upgrade Its Approach to Testing

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When automated testing slowed down development, FNZ moved its testing environment to IBM Power Systems Virtual Server, saving time and money.

Case study: “A series of successes

To speed up releases of its digital wealth management platform, Figaro, FNZ (UK) Ltd. began automating testing on a shared logical partition (LPAR). The new testing approach worked so well that it slowed down other operations on the LPAR. As a result, FNZ moved testing to IBM Business Partner CSI Limited’s test-as-a-service platform, which runs on IBM® Power® Systems Virtual Server, using Docker containers to help ensure that the environment is always up to date.

“One of the main reasons we wanted to look at an IBM Cloud solution rather than something that would just fix our short-term problem was to be able to stand up new instances of our software for different purposes. IBM Power Systems Virtual Server is going to enable us to do that.” — John Cullen, Chief Technical Architect, Asset Management Infrastructure Division, FNZ

With IBM Power Systems Virtual Server and CSI’s test-as-a-service offering, Cullen and team have as much compute power as they need, when they need it. FNZ can spin up a new, up-to-date testing machine in as little as 10 minutes.

The CSI solution also takes advantage of the IBM Cloud Pak® multicloud management technology, which runs on Red Hat® OpenShift®. Specifically, the offering’s cloud automation management capabilities help FNZ organize, templatize and parameterize Terraform system definitions, while Red Hat Ansible® automation scripts fully deploy the application.

Read the case study to learn more about how FNZ can complete tests at least 15x more quickly.

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