Kafka-Based Message Hub Now Available in Washington D.C. and Frankfurt

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We’re extending the general availability of IBM Message Hub

We’re excited to extend the general availability of IBM Message Hub (Enterprise Plan) to Washington D.C. and Frankfurt, Germany. Message Hub is a hosted and fully managed Apache-Kafka-as-a-service, so it directly benefits from all the innovation occurring in the community. Kafka’s sweet spot is as a high-throughput, low-latency event-streaming pipeline. With IBM, developers get all the benefits of Kafka along with the easy integration of both traditional apps and new serverless and IoT apps leveraging Watson and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

IBM allows enterprises to deploy easy-to-manage Kafka-based event streams both on-premises and in the Public Cloud. The public cloud offering, IBM Message Hub, now has a total of five IBM regions worldwide, including Sydney, US South, and the UK.

Depending on your company’s requirements, Message Hub is available via two different plans: Standard and Enterprise. The Standard plan offers shared access to a multi-tenant cluster; it is appropriate if you require event ingest and distribution capabilities but do not require any of the additional benefits of the Enterprise plan. If data isolation, guaranteed performance, and increased retention are important considerations, the Enterprise plan offers exclusive access to a dedicated Message Hub cluster.

Choose your IBM Message Hub deployment location

Follow these easy steps to change your deployment location:

  1. Sign up for an IBM Cloud account.

  2. Once logged into IBM Cloud, click Create resource on the main dashboard:

    Once logged into IBM Cloud, click Create resource on the main dashboard

  3. On the left-hand navigation, select Integration and then Message Hub:

    select Integration and then Message Hub

  4. Change the region to Germany (or your appropriate region) and follow the instructions to deploy your Message Hub instance:

    Message Hub instance

For more technical information on how to getting started with Kafka-based Message Hub on IBM Cloud, check out this additional technical documentation.

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