IBM goes to KubeCon EU 2018

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IBM goes to KubeCon EU 2018

CloudNativeCon and KubeCon is an important bi-annual event in Europe and North America, and we just wrapped up in Copenhagen last week. IBM is not only a founding member in CNCF (the organizer), we’re also a Diamond sponsor for the conference. Going into this event, we had a lot of momentum, leading us to great customer engagements and one-on-one conversations with developers from all over the world. Of course, our presence was framed around our managed Kubernetes offering, IBM Cloud Container Service, our on-prem offering, IBM Cloud Private, and our work in Istio.

The event was possible by great collaboration and support among IBM Cloud Developer Services team, Open Source Developer Advocacy team, IBM Cloud Private team, the Cloud Marketing team, plus all the IBMers with boots on the ground in Copenhagen. Thanks to all!

Looking forward to the Seattle event in December (!

Buzz from the conference

Hot topics for enterprises:

  • Utilities: this industry is anxious to accelerate IOT but need help managing toolchains and faster deployments (DevOps needs).

  • Financial Services continue to explore orchestration options and how they can simplify their cloud maintenance.

  • IT Architects and SREs at Cloud Partners need bare metal isolation and performance on public cloud for their customers.

  • Many organizations are actively testing the Istio waters and looking for examples of production workloads

Industry announcements:

IBM’s talking about:

  • True hybrid cloud support providing customers with consistency running in their datacenters or in IBM Cloud

  • Secure to the core: Trusted Compute, container and image scans, vulnerability status

  • Flexibility for containerized workloads: bare metal, more global DCs, and multi-zone clusters

  • Simplified DevOps: Istio integration, Helm charts, automated node recovery

IBM’s contributions at the conference

IBM’s deep history with CNCF means we’re vested in contributions to both open source code and information sharing at the conference. Our speaker presence increased 33% this year, where we presented at 18 sessions. For several sessions, we partnered with other contributors to CNCF.

  • Keynote: Skip the Anxiety Attack – Build Secure Apps with Kubernetes – Jason McGee, Fellow, IBM

  • Istio – The Weather Company’s Journey – Nick Nellis & Fabio Oliveira, IBM

  • Kubectl Plugins 101 – Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM & Carolyn Van Slyck, Microsoft

  • Kubernetes Conformance Deep Dive – William Denniss, Google; Srinivas R Brahmaroutu, Doug Davis & Brad Topol, IBM

  • Apache OpenWhisk on Kubernetes: Building a Production-Ready Serverless Stack on and for Kubernetes – David Grove, IBM Research

  • Building a Fault-Tolerant Custom Resources Controller on Kubernetes – Morgan Bauer & Srinivas Brahmaroutu, IBM Corp.

  • Observing and Troubleshooting your Microservices with Istio – Isaiah Snell-feikema, IBM & Douglas Reid, Google

  • Lightning Talk: Not One Size Fits All, How to Size Kubernetes Clusters – Jeff Sloyer & Dan Berg, IBM

  • Hands-on with Istio on Kubernetes – Nilesh Patel, IBM

  • Securing your Kubernetes Delivery Pipelines with Notary and TUF – Liam White & Michael Hough, IBM

  • SIG Service-Catalog Intro – Michael Kibbe, Google, Morgan Bauer & Doug Davis, IBM

  • The Route To Rootless Containers – Ed King, Pivotal & Julz Friedman, IBM

  • Performance and Scale @ Istio Service Mesh – Fawad Khaliq, VMware Inc, Laurent Demailly, Google & Surya V Duggirala, IBM

  • Panel Discussion: Containers in Enterprise Cloud Strategy: Pitfalls, Best Practices, and Predictions – Moderated by Anni Lai, Huawei

  • Serverless WG BoF – Doug Davis, IBM

  • Make Ingress-Nginx Work for You, and the Community – Fernando Diaz, IBM

  • SIG Service-Catalog Deep Dive – Michael Kibbe, Google; Morgan Bauer & Doug Davis, IBM

  • Panel Discussion: Ask Us Anything: Microservices and Service Mesh – Moderated by Jason McGee, IBM

Browse session abstracts here:

Learn more from our blogs and tweets

Learn more from our blogs and tweets


Learn more from our blogs and tweets


Learn more from our blogs and tweets

Lots more to come this year from CNCF, Kubernetes, Istio, and Serverless.  We look forward to more conferences later this year, and working with partners and customers to leverage IBM Cloud!

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