IBM Event Streams: Updates to the Enterprise Plan

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On July 1, 2019, IBM Event Streams will be releasing two updates to the Enterprise plan.

On July 1, 2019, IBM Event Streams will be releasing a set of updates to our managed cloud service built on top of Apache Kafka—the leading open-source technology for Event Streaming.

Two updates to our Enterprise plan

  • Kafka version upgrade
  • Support for Cloud Service Endpoints

Kafka version upgrade

  • Event Streams Enterprise will now be supporting version 2.2 of Apache Kafka to align with our recently released and upgraded Standard plan.
  • This update for Event Streams will be non-disruptive and has been tested with our supported Kafka client list.
  • If your Kafka client is not on this list, then whilst we expect the upgrade to be non-disruptive, these clients have not been tested and we cannot offer any support statement for these clients. If this is a concern, we would recommend performing any additional testing you require.
  • Note: The Standard plan has already been updated to Kafka 2.2 and can be used for additional testing.
  • If the client you utilise is not on the supported list and you remain concerned about this upgrade, please raise a support ticket.

Support for Cloud Service Endpoints:

  • IBM Event Streams supports Cloud Service Endpoints.
  • This capability means that any data you publish or consume from the Event Streams service will be over the private network and not public interfaces.
  • For more information and how to enable this capability, please see our documentation.

If you are not taking advantage of the Event Streams Enterprise Plan today, you can deploy this single-tenant service with a single click and immediately get access to Apache Kafka as a Service that has been delivered by the same team within IBM since 2015.

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