IBM Cloud’s Virtual Server Promotion for the Holidays

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IBM Cloud virtual server promotion

IBM Cloud is excited to spread the holiday spirit by announcing a new 50% off for 90 days promotional offering for a variety of virtual servers with promo codeVSI50PROMO! To make this offer even better, if you purchase before the end of the year, we’ll throw in a second 500GB SAN storage disk at 50% off—that’s on top of the 100GB primary storage disk that’s already included with your virtual server.

For companies with web-based server applications for retail sales or video data streaming, or for customers with additional storage needs for their new or existing cloud-based database workload, this is the perfect promotion for you.

Best of all, you can choose from a variety of server sizes—as small as a 1X1 Intel Xeon-based virtual server all the way up to a 48X192 virtual server. That’s 48 cores and 192MB of RAM—perfect for large workloads.

How to order

Simply visit IBM Cloud’s Virtual Server page and click on Try public virtual servers to be directed to our virtual server catalog page.

Virtual Server versions

Once in the IBM Cloud catalog, be sure the billing is set to Monthly and then select All Profiles under the Location section.

Public Instance
Popular Profiles

From there, select any virtual server with 100GB SAN as the first disk under the BalancedCompute, or Memory tabs. Don’t forget that you can also include a second 500GB SAN disk for 50% off.

Attached Storage Disks

Promo code

After selecting your desired server, enter the promo code VSI50PROMO on the right side of the screen. You should see a notification confirming that the promo code was applied.

If you have any questions, please call your Sales Representative or dial 1-800-426-4968.

Promotion Terms and LimitationsThe following terms and limitations apply to the above promotions:

  • 50% off applies to IBM Cloud list price

  • 50% off applies to the first 90 days after provisioning, regular pricing applies thereafter

  • No other discounts may be added

  • Limited to monthly billed offerings only

  • Must select 100GB SAN Storage as the first disk

  • Additional exclusions may apply

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