IBM Cloud Security Advisor Now Integrates with the Twistlock Security Platform

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Centralized security management with IBM Cloud Security Advisor

This blog was co-authored by Matt Ward, Security Management Offering Manager for IBM Cloud, and Dr. Liron Levin, Chief Software Architect for Twistlock Inc. Together we will provide a quick introduction to IBM Cloud Security Advisor and then discuss the value added with Twistlock.

IBM Cloud Security Advisor is a new security dashboard that enables centralized security management. Security Advisor analyzes vulnerability and network data and application and system findings from IBM Services, Partners, and user-defined sources. Centralizing security with Security Advisor enables drill down to resolution to confidently manage security and compliance for cloud-native applications. This relies on integration with key partners like Twistlock to provide comprehensive container and cloud-native security to enable customers to innovate on the cloud.

IBM Cloud Security Advisor

IBM Cloud Security Advisor now integrates with the Twistlock Security Platform

Today, we are excited to further strengthen the relationship between IBM Cloud and Twistlock by announcing the integration of Security Advisor and the Twistlock security platform. We have integrated your IBM Cloud security tools into one dashboard and console to facilitate centralized security management.

Security Advisor summarizes critical security information in the dashboard from your IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service across easy-to-navigate tiles. This clearly notifies you in the dashboard when a security issue is detected. By integrating the Twistlock platform with Security Advisor, you can easily visualize the security posture of your cloud-native environment in a central location.

Security Advisor enables drilling down from dashboard cards into more specific information to investigate prioritized findings. Expanding a card lets you learn about the history and frequency behind the alerts. Select a single finding to view detail, then follow the provided remediation steps to keep your environment secure. Following these steps ensures zero day issues are identified and risk is remediated, all while Twistlock’s active threat protection keeps you secure in production.

The go-to security console

Security Advisor enables you to analyze centralized vulnerability data, network activity, and application and system findings. By adding findings from the Twistlock Platform, this service to quickly become the go-to security console. This partnership will enable security admins to access Twistlock security and compliance intelligence directly from Security Advisor, bringing the security posture of your cloud-native deployment into the same security console used across IBM Cloud.

Twistlock, a built-on-IBM-Cloud partner, is the most comprehensive full-lifecycle security platform for protecting modern enterprise workloads and cloud-native applications against threats and vulnerabilities. It provides a unified solution for ensuring that VMs, containers, serverless, and microservices-based applications are compliant and secure across hybrid and multicloud environments. Features include vulnerability management and threat intelligence, automated runtime protection, and firewalls. In addition, Twistlock provides granular control with microsegmentation and seamless integration with CI/CD tools for continuous deployment of reliable, secure applications at scale.

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