IBM Cloud Object Storage Regional Service Now Available in Sydney

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IBM Cloud Object Storage Regional service in Sydney, Australia

We’re delighted to announce the immediate availability of our new IBM Cloud Object Storage Regional service in Sydney, Australia. The new Regional service offers customers the option to store data within the Sydney region for in-country data sovereignty while taking advantage of our low-cost, durable object storage that is fully integrated with the IBM Cloud platform.

Our Sydney Multi-Zone Regional service provides availability and data durability by automatically storing data across three IBM Cloud data centers in the Sydney region. As part of IBM’s Cloud Object Storage continued service expansion in Australia, the new Regional service in Sydney (AU-SYD) complements our single data center in Melbourne (AU-Melbourne 01).

The value for your business

Data is your business, and how you choose to store and manage it is critical. IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) is designed to help you efficiently and economically store, manage, and access your data and unlock its value. It’s the ideal storage for all your cloud applications.

The service supports simple integration with compute and container runtimes and other microservices in IBM Cloud. For AI and Analytics workloads, IBM Cloud Object Storage is integrated with the Watson Data Platform to provide a low-cost, persistent storage layer that analyzes and leverages data for business insights. The service also supports enterprise and mission-critical applications as a storage target for backup of on-premise data to the cloud. IBM Cloud Object Storage supports a variety of ways for customers to utilize hybrid patterns, including access for on-premise applications to read and write to Cloud Object Storage and support for gateway products that allow reading and writing to object storage as an extension of your on-premise environment.

Key features include the following:

  • Diverse range of storage tiers to support a variety of workloads

  • Data protection with default server-side encryption

  • High-speed data transfer capabilities with no charge for uploads

  • Low-cost archive

  • Immutable Storage (WORM)

  • Simple IBM Cloud platform integration to leverage your data with SQL Query and IBM AI services

Get started quickly

In just a few minutes, you can easily provision an object storage instance and deploy storage buckets using a simple UI and API. Developers can leverage SDKs to jumpstart their application development, and the Cloud Object Storage API is a REST-based API that supports a common set of S3 API functions for programmatic access. SDKs are available for Java, Node.js, and Python with support for user roles and bucket-level permissions and policies.

Get started with our new Regional service in Sydney today with our free Lite Plan that includes up to 25GB of data storage capacity.

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