IBM Cloud Monitoring – Now Available in Germany and Sydney

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IBM Cloud Monitoring – Now Available in Germany and Sydney


Starting today, IBM Cloud Monitoring expands its availability from US-South to include the Germany and Sydney regions.  IBM Cloud Monitoring automatically collects metric data from select IBM Cloud services.  Build dashboards and gain insights through a hosted Grafana UI.  Visit us in the IBM Cloud Catalog in the DevOps Section.

Exciting service capabilities available in each region

  • Alert into action! Use IBM Cloud Monitoring API to set performance thresholds and to be notified when those thresholds are breached.  IBM Cloud Monitoring supports alerts through e-mail, PagerDuty events, and webhook notifications, or any combination of the three.

  • Add custom metrics: Use APIs to add relevant application and business metrics to your Cloud Monitoring data.  Custom metrics are also supported from sources outside the IBM Cloud!

  • Build reusable dashboards and make them interactive: Build custom dashboards (on hosted Grafana) with a large palate of visualization options.  Make your dashboards dynamic with templating using metric queries with variables.

  • Choose the Lite plan or the Premium plan to match your usage needs.   The Lite plan retains metrics at full resolution for 15 days and the Premium plan retains metrics at full resolution for 45 days.

Empower your DevOps team with IBM Cloud Monitoring.  Quickly identify trends and diagnose problems.  Learn more here!

Try IBM Cloud Monitoring today and let us know what you think!

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