IBM Cloud Databases: Announcing Read Replicas and LogDNA Integration

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IBM Cloud Databases is announcing the availability of database read replicas and IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

We are excited to give customers the ability to add read replicas to their IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL deployments to solve a variety of use cases, including enhanced performance, improved business continuity, and disaster recovery strategy.

In addition, customers can access their logs for their IBM Cloud Databases deployments in the US-South region with the IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA service. Customers will be able to troubleshoot and debug on their own with access to their database logs.

Read replicas

Read replicas are now available through IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL. A read replica essentially allows you to replicate your data from a master deployment to one or more deployments that serve as read replicas. Read replicas track the writes to the leader deployment using asynchronous replication and help read throughput by balancing and scaling out read-heavy workloads by distributing reads across multiple deployments.

The read-only replica is billed at the same per-member consumption rates as the leader. In our documentation, we cover the steps on how to provision and configure read replicas on IBM Cloud.


  • Enhanced performance: You can reduce the load of the leader database by routing read queries to the replicas, thus increasing read throughput. This is also important when scaling out beyond the capacity of a single deployment for read-heavy operations.

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery solution: Not only can you scale out your workloads, but read replicas allow you to increase the availability of your data in disaster-recovery situations. If the leader fails, a read replica can be promoted to a leader and is immediately available for reads and writes. Since read replicas are allowed in different regions than the leader, this helps support global business continuity.

Log Analysis with LogDNA

Getting logs from your IBM Cloud Databases just got easier. IBM Cloud Databases in US-South is now automatically integrated into IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA so you can access, debug, and troubleshoot your databases logs right from the LogDNA console.

IBM Cloud Databases: Announcing Read Replicas and LogDNA Integration-1

LogDNA has both Lite and paid plans. The Lite plan is free to use, but you’ll only get streaming events from the databases. To get log tagging, export, retention, and the ability to create your graphs, you’ll need to use one of the paid plans.

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA works with multiple IBM Cloud services, so head over to their service page to learn more about its features, benefits, and pricing.

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