IBM Cloud extends network lineup with new load balancer service in Bluemix

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IBM Cloud extends network lineup with new load balancer service in Bluemix

Today we released IBM Bluemix Load Balancer, a fresh way to manage pressure-cooker traffic in the cloud. This new service was specifically designed for clients that require maximum availability and robust performance for their business-critical applications.

At IBM Cloud, we’re focused on delivering cloud solutions that transform the way you live by simplifying the way you work. The ability to cost-effectively provide a high-performance load balancer with intelligent distribution capabilities—for optimal application delivery—has been in our crosshairs for a while now. That said, we’re proud to deliver a new load balancer solution that lets you easily mitigate your application bottlenecks.

We’ve laid out a few key benefits you can expect with this new solution.

High application availability without the high cost

IBM Bluemix Load Balancer harnesses the cloud’s scalability to maximize application availability and reduce costs more so than load balancers hosted in-house. For instance, you can maximize application performance by distributing traffic among multiple servers all running simultaneously by forwarding traffic to servers that are least loaded.

IBM Bluemix Load Balancer also conducts periodic health checks to quickly detect server failures so you can avoid bottlenecks and incidents, such as sending traffic to a down server.

Bypass traffic jams

You get the flexibility to choose between round-robin, weighted round-robin, and least-connections load balancing methods to intelligently distribute end-user traffic across multiple application servers. The load balancer can also offload process-intensive SSL tasks so your applications servers operate more efficiently, allowing them to spend more cycles on real application processing. You may also achieve session persistence and restrict connection count to suit your application traffic needs.

Usage-based pricing

Depending on what’s convenient for you and your business, usage-based pricing may just be the way to go. IBM Bluemix Load Balancer provides you the flexibility to pay only for what you use each month, based on hours of load balancer usage, total data processed, and public bandwidth used.

IBM Cloud also offers a variety of load balancer services available in the Bluemix platform today, including Local Load Balancer and Citrix NetScaler appliances.

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