Better Dashboard, Extensibility for IBM Cloud Application Business Insights (APM)

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IBM Cloud Application Business Insights has newer connectors, better UI, and widget library

IBM Cloud’s application performance management (APM) dashboard, IBM Cloud Application Business Insights, keeps getting better with added capabilities and enhancements built on top of the existing features that were announced in 2018.

IBM Cloud Application Business Insights helps you to quickly build custom dashboards with an interactive and modern user interface. Its drag-and-drop, easy-to-use features provide effective data visualization and analysis capabilities to LOB heads, IT managers, and users.

Create a customized dashboard in just three steps

No coding skills required! All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Select a layout from either a default list of templates or create a new custom layout.

  2. Select a data widget from an already-created library of widgets that your organization has created (or create a new widget in minutes).

  3. Publish your new dashboard.

That’s it! You asked and we delivered. With this release, IBM has added the following capabilities:

  • Mobile Support: Run IBM Cloud Application Business Insights on a tablet or smartphone with a unified view of what matters most to you any time or any place. The dashboards work seamlessly across different form factors and standard interactions are adapted appropriately for the device capabilities.

Mobile Support
  • More Standard Widgets: An out-of-the-box widget library allows for quick dashboard creation with some of our most popular APM data. This templatized widget library provides a pre-bundled repository of five APM Agents, which can be used to quickly create Instance-level widgets on the top-level dashboard.

  • New Connectors: REST API, IBM OMNIBUS, and Cassandra connectors provide you with more choices of the type of data to which you can connect.

  • Enhanced Badge Widget: Many new choices on how to display status for one of the most-used widget. It provides more flexibility in designing the title and value areas of the badge in terms of position, division, alignment, text orientation, and color selection.

  • New Charts: Pie, Donut, Gauge, Heat Map, and Circos— to name only a few —are now available, allowing users to pick the best visual for expressing your data.

  • Enhanced User and Roles Configuration: It’s now even easier to set up users and roles in large environments.

  • Multiple Data Definition: A single widget provides the capability to support different data sources, like APM and ITM. You can get graph data from different connectors like APM and JDBC data on a single chart. This allows you to spot trends and issues faster than ever before.

Multiple Data Definition


In addition to these new usability features, we’ve added lots of other enhancements to make IBM Cloud Application Business Insights faster and easier to use. For ordering information, consult your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

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