IBM Aspera CLI for IBM Cloud Private

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IBM Aspera supports IBM Cloud Private

IBM Aspera is very excited to release our first deliverable to support IBM Cloud Private (ICP). ICP is built on open standards using Docker and Kubernetes. The Aspera CLI can be easily provisioned within ICP environments to provide fast and secure data transport into or out of private cloud environments.

One of Docker’s best practices is that containers should be as ephemeral and as stateless as possible. To help facilitate this best practice, Kubernetes provides the capability for Persistent Volumes as a mechanism that Kubernetes pods of Docker containers can use to store or share state. The Aspera CLI can be initiated via a Helm job (manually or as a scheduled CronJob).  This provisions an ephemeral container of the Aspera CLI. You attach it to a shared persistent volume and instruct the CLI to send or receive data from an Aspera server.

Aspera is a true game-changer for transporting your data. The Aspera FASP transport protocol gracefully handles loss and latency on the network to more efficiently utilize the existing wide-area network (WAN). Transporting data using Aspera can be up to hundreds of times faster than with legacy technology like FTP, SFTP, SCP, etc. Aspera transfers provide enterprise-grade security with data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption. Finally, using Aspera, data can be moved from and to any cloud environment—public, private, or hybrid—regardless of distances and network conditions.

Use cases

A variety of data transport use cases are enabled with the Aspera CLI, including the following:

  • A database stores a backup snapshot into a Persistent Volume. The Aspera CLI can send the database backup to another location quickly and securely.

  • An application is storing business data into a Persistent Volume. The Aspera CLI can send that data into another cloud environment for analysis or enrichment.

  • An application in ICP needs to pull in data for a batch processing job. The Aspera CLI can retrieve the required data and store it in the Persistent Volume for processing.

  • An application in ICP is producing large data that needs to be emailed out. The Aspera CLI can email out this dataset (regardless of size) to one or more recipients.

Obtaining the Aspera CLI for ICP

The Aspera CLI for ICP can be found on the ICP v3.1 Catalog. The Aspera CLI itself is free, but it must be used in conjunction with a licensed or metered Aspera transfer server. To get started, click here to provision a free trial of Aspera on Cloud to use in conjunction with the Aspera CLI.

You can also retrieve the Aspera CLI Docker image and Helm Chart via the following:

Developer/technical info

Refer to the Readme file in the Helm chart for technical information on how to use the Aspera CLI in ICP:

Developer/technical info

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