IBM Accelerates Innovation and Grows Partner Ecosystem

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The partner ecosystem is a growth engine that can help to establish IBM as a leader in hybrid cloud and AI. 

Recently, we unveiled an updated go-to-market model to help streamline the way our partners and their customers Build, Service and Sell with IBM. As we continue to create more exciting opportunities for both partners and clients, let’s look at some of the key developments in the partner ecosystem that have made headlines.

Partner ecosystem at Think 2021

Breakthrough innovations and new benefits drive partner success 

At Think 2021, IBM announced the launch of several breakthrough innovations in hybrid cloud, automation and AI. Thirty-one Build, Service and Sell partners demonstrated their intent to unlock the value of IBM automation solutions to help their customers improve business productivity. 

Learn more about the new benefits for partners, such as co-creation client centers, proof-of-concept incentives and messaging acceleration workshops.

Automation partners optimize application performance and IT resources

Modern IT environments are often complex and sprawling. It’s a challenge to ensure operational and cost efficiency across multiple cloud environments with manual processes alone. At Think 2021, leaders from Humio and Turbonomic joined IBM to share how technology integrations with IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps can automate the management of complex, modern IT environments. 

Watch the on-demand replay session to learn how you can automate IT operations at scale across hybrid cloud environments. 

CloudHedge and ClearBlade are certified for IBM Edge

Edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to where data is generated and resides. This can lead to an array of advantages, such as reduced data exposure, lower costs, better data control, comprehensive data analysis, deeper insights, faster response times, improved customer experiences and continuous operations. In fact, because the benefits of edge computing are so compelling, 75% of enterprise data is estimated to be processed at the edge by 2025.

To help businesses tap into the power of edge computing, we built an ecosystem of partners made up of equipment manufacturers, networking, IT and software providers to implement open standards-based cloud-native solutions that can autonomously manage edge applications at scale. We are supporting ecosystem partners by helping them work with IBM Edge Computing® solutions

Based on the latest developments, we are pleased to announce that CloudHedge and ClearBlade have both met the Certified for IBM Edge criteria. CloudHedge helps modernize mission-critical workloads while ClearBlade helps monitor thousands of assets at the edge. 

Here are examples of the IBM certification requirements that have been met by CloudHedge and ClearBlade:

  • Data encryption in flight and at rest
  • Network protection and implementation
  • Limited security privilege
  • Keys and certificate implementation and management

Also, to continue expanding the IBM’s partner ecosystem, we regularly add new partners through PartnerWorld®. IBM has created a rigorous certification process for partner software to provide enterprise clients more confidence in the end-to-end solutions. 

Learn more about IBM’s partner ecosystem

At IBM, we are committed to building a stronger and broader partner ecosystem. By leveraging IBM technologies like IBM Cloud Paks® and edge computing, our aim is to help software vendors uncover hidden opportunities, find new growth avenues and satisfy clients’ business requirements with innovative, comprehensive solutions. 

Visit our Partner Solution Showcase to gain insights into partner software, hardware and managed services solutions combined with, or enhanced by, IBM Cloud Pak technology.

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