How to Migrate Auto-Scaling Policies for Cloud Foundry Apps

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How to migrate Auto-Scaling policies via the UX or the CLI.

We previously announced new autoscaling capabilities for IBM Cloud Foundry Public that greatly simplified the overall developer experience of building Cloud Foundry apps on IBM Cloud. These capabilities are now Generally Available. In addition we also announced the deprecation timeline of the IBM Cloud Auto-Scaling service.  

Migrating Auto-Scaling policies is fairly simple and can be done either via the UX or the CLI

How to migrate Auto-Scaling policies using the UX

  1. Use the Policy Migration button on the Auto-Scaling service instance that is bound to the IBM Cloud Foundry Public app to view and download the new policy to be migrated. 
  2. Unbind the Auto-Scaling service instance from the IBM Cloud Foundry Public app.  
  3. Now go to the Autoscaling option on the navigation pane and use the downloaded "App Autoscaler" policy JSON file from Step 1 to import and create a new policy. 
  4. The Cloud Foundry Public app now using the new policy based on the new "App Autoscaler" capability. 

How to migrate Auto-Scaling policies using the CLI

  1. Unbind the Auto-Scaling service instance from the Cloud Foundry Public Application:
    • $ ibmcloud cf unbind-service MyCoolApp-Sachi Auto-Scaling-New-Test
  2. Download the new "App Autoscaler"-based policy file as shown above in the UX Migration steps. Attach the new AutoScaling scaling policy to the Cloud Foundry Public Application.
    • ibmcloud cf aasp MyCoolApp-Sachi ../Downloads/app-autoscaler-policy.json

Note: Be sure to have the "app-autoscalar-plugin" installed. Use to following command to install the plugin:

$ ibmcloud cf install-plugin -r CF-Community app-autoscaler-plugin

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