How to build voice and chat bots with

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How to build voice and chat bots with allows you to utilize IBM Cloud to create your own voice and chat bots using Alexa Skills, Google Home actions, and Facebook Messenger bots. Here’s how you can get started using on IBM Cloud.

Enable in your IBM Cloud console

  1. If you don’t already have an IBM Cloud account, sign up. If you have an account, log in.

  2. Open IBM Cloud Catalog.

    IBM Cloud console
  3. Select

  4. Click Register at

    Click Register at
  5. Keep your IBM Cloud console open. We will come back, once our new application is open.

Create your voice and chat bots

A application represents your conversational interface through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Facebook Messenger bot. To create an app follows these steps:

  1. If you don’t already have a account, sign up. If you have an account, log in.

  2. Click on Create New App in the navigation menu. If it’s your first application, you will be automatically redirected to the Create New App wizard.

  3. Select your industry and enter your company name.. Click Next to continue.

  4. Select the devices you want to support with your app. Select MessengerAmazon AlexaGoogle Home, and Chatbot. Click Next to continue.

  5. Your new application is ready. Click Customize.

Copy your app credentials

  1. On the dashboard click My Apps.

    My Apps
  2. Open your application.

  3. From the INFORMATION box:

    • Copy App ID to IBM Cloud console Application ID field.

    • Copy API Key to IBM Cloud console API Key field.

      Copy API Key to IBM Cloud console API Key field
  4. On the IBM Cloud console, click Create

What’s next?

Now that you are all set, you can navigate your way through the step-by-step guide to Building Your First Conversational App to create your first voice and chat bots.

Feel free to contact us. We are here to help and are happy answer any questions.

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