Helping Businesses Evolve Using Hybrid Cloud and AI

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A unified cloud and data platform is crucial to long-term success.

Data movement is very expensive — it causes delays, lack of responsiveness and more. So, you want to take AI to where data is. That's what's fueling the growth of hybrid cloud. Essentially, wherever your data lives, you need to bring your artificial intelligence (AI) there. Whether it’s data that is generated behind your firewall, inside your internal systems or data that your customers are generating on a cloud, you need to apply AI to where your data is.

Cloud has redefined so many businesses

There are companies that are cloud native — born on the cloud. And then there are companies that are more traditional, and they are going through a transformation and bringing more of their systems onto the cloud.

A similar phenomenon will happen in AI. There are companies that from day one have had AI, and then there are companies that are just now going through this modernization process and infusing AI into their established business processes. IBM is helping its clients take their existing processes and IP and infuse AI so that they can execute faster. Experts within the industry have gained more of an advantage because they are spending less time doing day-to-day mundane jobs. Instead, they’re exercising more of their creativity.

Businesses can be reshaped using AI

We have clients who are new to IBM, and they heard about Watson Assistant. They have seen that in a few hours, they can launch an assistant on the website that will answer customers' questions. Then there are also clients who want to have a transformative journey with IBM. They know that they need to modernize their processes and use cloud and AI to get a business edge, and they are willing to embark with IBM on a multi-year journey.

Start your journey with IBM

Sometimes what happens is that people come to IBM not knowing their problem or the solution. Or they think that they know the problem, but they don't; they just have a hunch that something needs to be done. In those cases, we have workshops where we do a design thinking workshop to clarify the problem, what a minimum viable product would look like, what the success will look like in three months, six months and nine months. Then we start the client on that journey.

Start your journey.

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