Going Green Gets Easier: Rebase Energy Chooses IBM Cloud to Host its Energy Analysis Toolbox

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All over the world, companies are embracing renewable energy as a way to help curtail climate change and create a more sustainable future. 

Case study: "Going green gets easier

Sweden is deeply committed to this movement, having pledged to switch to 100% renewable energy sources by 2040. As a result, many organizations in Sweden are already adopting wind or solar energy. But there’s more to it than simply purchasing a wind turbine or putting up some solar panels. 

Based in Sweden, Rebase Energy is committed to helping companies optimize their energy use. The organization partnered with Startup with IBM Accelerator Sweden to develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that provides customers with the tools they need to analyze energy use and identify avenues for change.  

“Our vision is to provide the best data and tools that empower tomorrow’s energy innovators to control, forecast and optimize distributed energy assets and thereby contribute to the transition to a fully renewable and robust energy system.” — Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, CEO and Cofounder, Rebase Energy 

Rebase chose IBM public cloud to support its solution because IBM Cloud uses open-source technology, the IBM name is well-regarded in the energy industry and the solution will scale easily as the company grows. 

Read the full case study to see how IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service helps Rebase Energy provide energy analytics to their customers. 

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