Go Beyond Infrastructure with IBM Services for Your SAP-on-Cloud Projects

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IBM Services for your SAP-on-Cloud projects

We’ve shared why IBM Cloud is the provider of choice for your SAP landscapes; but what good is the infrastructure without easy deployment/implementation?

IBM Services is the most experienced SAP implementation/integration partner, leveraging the same 43+ year relationship between IBM and SAP that our Cloud unit does. They’ve implemented HANA on all six continents across all industries. To sum it up, IBM Services handles the complexity of integrating the largest manufacturing landscapes, like Logoplaste, and invented the underpinnings of what SAP now calls the “model company.”

The IBM advantage with SAP

In a world of relentless evolution for business and technology, choosing the right delivery partner to help you embrace company-wide change can result in a high opportunity cost. Keep in mind, however, that time-to-value and industry knowledge are the key factors in determining a partner. Getting “first to the post” can be advantageous, but not if you sacrifice functionality of your SAP applications, which can reduce the value to both your business and end user.

One vital advantage of running SAP on IBM Cloud is IBM’s experience in delivering large-scale SAP deployments. While IBM Cloud provides cutting-edge infrastructure to run your SAP applications, IBM Services provides the best-in-class capabilities for delivering your SAP apps.

We also understand that every company has different IT needs. This is why the IBM-SAP Digital Transformation partnership was created—IBM’s focus for SAP customers is built around time-to-value and industry knowledge.

Continue your SAP journey with the right assessment tools

IBM Services provides analysis for your transformational journey to help accelerate your migration and pre-built industry vertical solutions. This helps move you, our customers, to a digital core powered by SAP S/4HANA.

To help with your journey, we built the HANA Impact Assessment Tool, which provides SAP guidance and detailed advisory about your journey to S/4HANA by identifying the following:

  • The impacts to your business processes from new or obsolete S/4HANA Industry and Business Functions

  • The impact for the technical migration to SAP HANA

  • All pre-work required for your specific system/s

  • General effort estimation (this is used to understand their journey and its value post-transformation)

Once the above steps are complete, you’ll have a better view of the best delivery mechanism for your transformation journey.

This year at SAPPHIRE, IBM S/4HANA BLUEFIELD™ Transformation powered by SNP was announced by IBM Services to enable our clients to adopt and implement S/4HANA up to 75% faster while including business process transformation. Our partnership with SNP accelerates time-to-value, automated scanning, processing, and mitigation of high-impact issues to provide customers a Migration, Upgrade, Enhanced Features, and Data in a single go-live. This offering runs on IBM Cloud in combination with the SNP Transformation Platform, ensuring your business is ready for a rapid transformation while maintaining the unique business operations in your existing SAP ECC. The IBM S/4HANA BLUEFIELD™ Transformation offering is now available to accelerate your journey and transformation.

Enhance your business value with SAP and IBM

Lastly, our customers look to IBM for expertise on marrying technology for their industry. In January 2018, IBM announced our partnership with SAP on building our IBM Industry IMPACT Templates onto SAP Model Company. The offering combines our companies’ years of experience delivering global implementation projects for our clients that specifically address their industry vertical and additionally provides our leading IBM and SAP collaborations to our customers (e.g., IBM MetroPulse for SAP designed for Retail and our IBM-SAP partnership on blockchain for oil and gas companies).

IBM Services provides the full width of all SAP and non-SAP technologies, built right into your business. It’s the main reason why our customers choose to deliver and manage their high-impact and high-risk projects with IBM and look to innovate with us across our portfolio of both SAP’s and IBM’s latest technologies.

For these high-impact and high-risk projects, running mission-critical SAP workloads and branching from the digital core of S/4HANA with leading SAP and IBM solutions, IBM Services looks to the IBM Cloud for flexible, secure, and powerful infrastructure to run SAP applications.

For more information on what IBM Services can provide and the detailed points of view on SAP S/4HANA by IBM Services, visit: https://www.ibm.com/services/sap/s4hana

For more information on migrating your SAP solutions to IBM Cloud, visit: https://www.ibm.com/services/sap/managed

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