Get the most out of Salesforce

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Get the most out of Salesforce

CRM systems are critical for enterprises.  They allow business users to more easily access and manage customer information and records customer interactions from multiple channels.  CRM systems also automate workflows and provide tracking, performance and productivity information. is one of the most popular CRM platforms, and for good reason. does an excellent job for tasks and processes within the platform, but what happens when the business process extends beyond

Today’s organizations must leverage multiple systems and applications and ensure the information that flows between those systems is correct and synched.  That often presents challenges, as they struggle with being able to identify when the in-house tools are sufficient and when they need to introduce new capabilities.

Join us at the NYC IBM Bluemix Garage hosted at Galvanize.  This event takes place on Wednesday, October 4th and will provide the opportunity to learn how other  companies are tackling these problems and successfully leveraging IBM Process Automation solutions to work in concert with to deliver customer insights and automated workflow across and beyond

Don’t miss out on this free event! Agenda:

5:30-6:15: Registration, Networking, and Food/beverage 6:15-7:30: Presentation + Q&A 7:30-8:00: Networking

Keynote speaker: Jared Michalec VP, Client Services @ Salient Process

Register today:

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