Get Started Building With Node.js on Bluemix in 10 Minutes or Less

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Get Started Building With Node.js on Bluemix in 10 Minutes or Less

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Whether you’re building a cognitive app, an IoT app, or a serverless app using OpenWhisk, Node is quickly becoming a popular choice. If you’re like many app developers, then you may have based the architecture of your apps on the Node.js framework because of its event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O API. But the power of that architecture can’t be realized unless your hosting environment provides enterprise-grade scalability and reliability. That’s why many developers are choosing to build their apps with Node.js on Bluemix.

If you haven’t used Bluemix, then we invite you to register for a free trial and try it for yourself.

Get started with Bluemix now

If you want to try building your own Node.js app on Bluemix, we’ve created a simple tutorial to help get you started. The video below shows the tutorial at an accelerated pace. But for most developers, the tutorial will allow you to build a sample app in 10 minutes or less. To complete the guide, you’ll need a Bluemix account and a few other things.

Get started with the tutorial now

IBM is committed to helping developers do more with Node.js.  In addition the tutorial above, we’ve created a number of resources which you can take advantage of:

  • Find more advanced guides to building Node.js apps on Bluemix at developerWorks Recipes

  • Check out API Connect (formerly StrongLoop) and learn how you can create new APIs and microservices based on the popular open-source Node.js Express and LoopBack® frameworks

  • Learn more about IBM’s efforts to help grow and improve Node.js by visiting our Node@IBM Developer Center

  • View and get involved in our open source projects related to Node.js on via developerWorks Open

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