Get Control of Your DevOps Processes for VM-Based Applications with IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery

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Wondering how you can efficiently use CI/CD pipelines on your non-containerized workloads? 

Does the complexity of DevOps process management involving your virtual machine (VM)-based applications give you sleepless nights?

If so, IBM Cloud has a solution for you. We've introduced a new toolchain template that provides an example of how you can develop and deploy an app on a Virtual Server Instance (VSI) using CI/CD pipelines under one toolchain. You can set up source control and then build, test and deploy the code to different deployment stages. The non-containerized workloads can run on a VSI inside IBM Cloud or can reside on a virtual machine (VM) outside IBM Cloud, with DevOps process management enabled using this toolchain.

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to continuous delivery services. IBM Cloud is unique because we provide guidance on how to have a continuous delivery process that includes all the security, compliance and audit readiness you care about. With IBM Cloud's continuous delivery services, you can quickly provision an integrated toolchain using customizable, shareable templates with tools from IBM, third parties and open source. These services let you automate builds and tests with Tekton-based delivery pipelines and control quality with analytics.

More about the toolchain template

With this toolchain template, we make it a point that IBM Cloud tools are not only for cloud native apps, but also for the VSIs. You can exploit the power of CI/CD pipelines under a single toolchain template to achieve the complexity of DevOps processes involving non-containerized applications.

You can customize this toolchain template by adding various tool integrations, triggers, policies under pipelines and configuring quality metrics as per your requirements.

By default, the toolchain template uses a sample Maven-based Java "Hello World" application, but you can also bring your own Maven-based Java app and link to it instead. This toolchain template comes pre-configured with Code Risk Analyzer (CRA), source control, issue tracking and online editing.

CRA is a newly added feature of IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery that helps build depth and effectiveness into your DevSecOps processes. CRA allows you to discover vulnerabilities in your application (Python, Node.js, Java) and operating system (OS) stack (base image) based on rich threat intelligence using continuously curated Snyk Intel Vulnerability database and Clair. It also provides remediation recommendations.

Watch the VSI toolchain template in action


I invite you to try this toolchain template today at IBM Cloud; you can adopt it for your non-containerized applications.

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