Gain Collaboration Expertise Through the Newly Released ChatOps Advocate Course

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Introducing the ChatOps Advocate course

IBM Cloud Service Management and Operations (CSMO) ChatOps Advocate is a course designed to teach students about Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Incident Management using a variety of collaboration tools, such as Slack, HipChat, and others.

The four-hour class, which is designed for IBM customers and consultants, offers a deeper dive into a collaborative approach to Incident Management, combining people, processes, and tools to resolve incidents quickly and efficiently. Topics include a generic discussion of Incident Management, an overview of Cloud Service Management and Operations, the relationship between DevOps and ChatOps, and how ChatOps fits into Incident Management.

ChatOps Advocate and the IBM Cloud Garage Method

Available on the IBM Cloud Garage Method website, ChatOps Advocate is made up of blog posts, white papers, slides, video presentations, and checkpoint quizzes.

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Cloud Service Management and Operations

Cloud Service Management and Operations is a response to increased competition between companies that necessitates a more proactive approach to the development and deployment of code and the ongoing support of that code. Additionally, companies have embraced cloud technologies including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS to reduce the overhead costs associated with on-premise data centers. Moving applications to the cloud can increase the efficiency of System Management by reducing the requirement for specialized computer environments and reducing the amount of personnel needed to manage the hardware and software.

For more information on Cloud Service Management and Operations, visit our “Reinvent your cloud operations” page and view the short video below.

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