Fulcrum Empowers Law Firms to Seize Competitive Advantage

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Fulcrum Global Technologies is partnering with IBM Cloud

Historically, the legal services industry has avoided automation and standardization, concerned that a one-size-fits-all approach might reduce service quality or brand differentiation. But a fast-changing market has driven firms to sharpen their competitive edge. At Fulcrum Global Technologies (Fulcrum GT), we harness the power of SAP software, hosted in the IBM Cloud, to free lawyers to focus on delivering superb legal services.

Competing on a worldwide scale

The legal industry is evolving to meet corporate clients’ expectations for complex, risk-sharing fee arrangements that aim to reduce legal costs while boosting service levels.

In parallel, globalization is opening up new markets for many law firms, pushing them to build a global presence ahead of their rivals. To succeed in this international business environment, they must overcome the challenge of integrating new operations in other geographies that have different data standards, processes, and legislative frameworks.

At the same time, the global workforce is changing. Law firms must overhaul outdated internal systems to beat their rivals in attracting and retaining the most talented candidates. As eager consumers of intuitive digital services in their personal lives, employees will no longer tolerate working with unwieldy user interfaces and disjointed applications that steal focus and waste time. The workforce increasingly expects consumer-grade user experiences, with support from digital assistants and chatbots.

At Fulcrum GT, we use the latest IBM and SAP technologies, together with our deep knowledge of the industry, to help law firms and corporate legal departments avoid back-office baggage, enhance their digital capabilities, and extend their fee-earning capabilities. By supplementing standard on-premises IT systems with our operations-as-a-service offerings, our clients can increase efficiency dramatically and focus on providing expert services to their customers.

Legal industry requirements can vary tremendously between countries, and there are many other differences—data privacy, regulatory and statutory requirements, languages, and currencies. Fulcrum solutions must support all global variations, and this call for a cloud architecture that exceeds the norms for resilience and coverage. Commodity cloud providers didn’t measure up.

Flexible global support

With IBM Cloud bare metal servers, Fulcrum GT has a dedicated, single-tenant architecture that enables exceptional control of data. The solution unites technical excellence—scalability, reliability, and availability—with comprehensive, responsive services from IBM experts.

IBM Cloud services are flexible and allow us to adapt them to the operational and regulatory needs of law firms in more than 100 countries. IBM’s global cloud data center network supports regulatory requirements to keep data within specific borders when required.

IBM’s strategic relationship with SAP is another benefit of using IBM as our cloud provider—many Fulcrum solutions are based on the latest SAP HANA applications and run on IBM Cloud SAP-Certified Infrastructure. We believe that the combination of Fulcrum legal industry solutions, SAP business software, and IBM Cloud infrastructure is unique and compelling for our existing and prospective clients.

Delighting discerning customers

Working with IBM, Fulcrum tailors its offerings to keep deployment as simple as possible for our clients while promoting speed and effectiveness. We have developed a set of pre-configured, pre-sized environments that enable clients to start profiting from their investments very rapidly after deployment.

And the innovation continues. The move to the IBM Cloud extended Fulcrum’s ability to offer an industry-recognized offering called Virtual Operations Deployment, a solution that provides our clients the ability to outsource some or all of their back-office operations to us, delivered through a straightforward, pay-as-you-go fee structure.

To improve our operations, we are developing an interactive assistant that uses natural language processing technologies. We believe this will help law firms attract and retain talented employees by improving their experience at work and freeing them to focus on billable customer services. This assistant, which we call Quinn, could become the single interface to all operations.

Fulcrum solutions transcend transactions, delivering best-practice business processes and automation to support legal firms in building streamlined, global operational models. Our next step is to ramp up the machine learning and AI features of our applications to provide intelligent contextual assistance to lawyers, with help from leading-edge IBM technology.

As law firms seek competitive advantage in an increasingly global marketplace, Fulcrum aims to support them with technology that saves time and effort, increases the speed of access to critical information, and maximizes the time spent on customer service.

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