Feature Retirement: IBM Cloudant’s Warehousing Feature

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Feature Retirement: IBM Cloudant’s Warehousing Feature

IBM Cloudant is removing the Warehousing feature, which allows Cloudant data to be analyzed in Db2 Warehouse for Cloud. This will happen in stages, as follows:

January, 16th 2018: Users not using the Warehouse functionality cannot start using it. March, 31st 2018: New Warehouse jobs cannot be created by clients who were using the Warehouse capability before the 16th of January. May, 5th 2018: Existing Warehouse jobs will be stopped. Final status can be viewed on the dashboard still. May, 31st 2018: User interface to Warehouse feature removed. Status of Warehouse jobs becomes unavailable.

Data that has been transferred to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud by April, 30th 2018 will remain in Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and Cloudant data will also be unaffected.

Alternatives to the Warehouse feature

IBM Cloud has several alternatives to the Warehouse feature. We have documented alternative approaches which you can read here.

Having to remove features is a difficult decision and we fully understand the inconvenience this will cause. We hope our advanced warning helps you to rework your applications in good time. Reach out to us on our support channels for advice or a helping hand.

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