Explore Terraform Templates and Code Snippets on IBM Cloud

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Terraform on IBM Cloud provides a seamless, powerful and faster way to provision resources in IBM Cloud by using Terraform templates.

Terraform on IBM Cloud templates consist of one or more Terraform configuration files and modules that specify the state you want to achieve for your IBM Cloud resources.

The Terraform on IBM Cloud templates are published in the public IBM Cloud Schematics GitHub. It contains around 100 repositories to use (and contribute to) based on the extensibility of the templates. Some of the Terraform templates that are published in the IBM Cloud documentation include the following:

A single click can create a workspace

With a single click, you can create an IBM Cloud Schematics workspace and configure your settings through input variables to provision your services. Each repository contains the high-level process configuration files, with the necessary steps to set the input and output information for the templates.

Code snippets

Code snippets are a small portion of reusable source and configuration files that are created as an example to provision the resources by using Terraform templates. Code snippets can help as a beginning point for your custom templates to configure for the IBM Cloud service or resource. The list of code snippets are provided to apply and customize to your business requirement.

Are you eager to contribute?

If you’d like to contribute, you can begin with the guidelines to getting started repository, which will help you create your Terraform templates and publish them in the IBM Cloud Schematics GitHub repository. Your repository will be verified and you will be able to add to the IBM Cloud private catalog.

For any questions about the onboarding process, you can contact IBM Cloud support.

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