Explore New Possibilities in Contracts with Compare & Comply Beta Release

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Watson Compare & Comply is changing the way companies find insights with document processing

The impact of Compare & Comply (C&C)

The leading Natural Language capability of the Compare & Comply portfolio—C&C Element Classification—helps clients accelerate decision-making by turning unstructured information within business documents into accessible data. Now, a Beta release on IBM Cloud delivers new ways for clients to interact with the original Compare & Comply service and access wholly new capabilities.

Watson Compare & Comply has already enabled one leading software vendor to reduce the per-contract processing time for their procurement clients from several hours down to “under 60 seconds,” allowing auditor efficiency to dramatically increase. Independent software vendors, global system integrators, and clients looking to build applications for their own internal users are all finding value by streamlining contract analysis use cases.

New features available September 6th, 2018

The Beta release of Compare & Comply is now available as of September 6th, 2018, making C&C more accessible to a wider range of businesses. The release includes several new supporting features, including the following:

  • Compare: C&C’s APIs can take two similar contracts and find the slight differences that can pose large risks.

  • Table Processing: C&C table processing identifies the location and context of tables in PDFs and processes the elements and attributes inside them, giving users greater access to the goldmine of important information that tables contain.

  • Optical Character Recognition: To support a more robust selection of documents, this Beta release also enables scanned PDF processing.

  • Document Visualizer/Feedback Collection: To improve the core Natural Language Processing model behind Element Classification, the Beta tile includes a feedback collection tool for clients to provide corrections and labeling suggestions. The tool also offers a GUI, allowing SMEs to easily navigate parsed documents and create valuable use cases from the outputs of C&C engines.

As of September 6th, IBMers and clients alike are encouraged to explore the possibilities with an account on IBM Cloud.

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