Engaging Audiences All Over the World

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TeeVid uses IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers and IBM Watson Media to deliver engaging, interactive virtual events to global audiences.

From virtual corporate all-hands meetings to streaming concerts, online events are becoming increasingly common. TeeVid was founded in 2017 to give event organizers a way to deliver engaging virtual events to a worldwide audience. IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers, located in data centers all over the world, help ensure that TeeVid’s events are delivered without latency. And IBM Watson Media streaming provides the company with the functionality required to create a truly interactive experience for attendees.

“IBM’s streaming capabilities, along with its AI services and its worldwide coverage, met our criteria very well.”  — Adi Nathan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TeeVid

Read the case study to learn how TeeVid has reduced connectivity costs by 10% and overall costs by 25%.

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