Empowering Small Businesses with a Cloud-Based CRM and Loyalty Solution

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IZICAP connects merchants to their customers with a simple but powerful CRM and loyalty program.

Customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty programs have changed the customer-merchant relationship for the better. Customers benefit from discounts and special offers, while merchants enjoy stronger customer loyalty and access to valuable information about how their customers shop.

But what about small merchants—the ones that aren’t backed by well-known corporations with deep pockets and data analysts on staff? The bakery, the local hairdresser, and the boutique down the street could all benefit greatly from tapping into the loyalty program trend, but the barrier to entry can be financially and logistically insurmountable.

Empowering local merchants

Our founders launched IZICAP with the goal of empowering small brick-and-mortar shops with all the benefits of CRM and loyalty programs—but without all the complications. We partner with large banks and acquirers to make these programs available to every retailer, no matter the size.

The IZICAP Smart Data Platform helps local shops develop their businesses through a unique digital marketing solution linked to customers’ payment cards. Customers can join an IZICAP-affiliated merchant’s CRM and loyalty program by entering their phone numbers on a payment terminal a single time. Once the phone number is securely associated with the payment card, the customer’s spending behavior automatically updates with every transaction. The information is also added to the merchant’s GDPR-compliant database in real time.

With IZICAP, merchants have access to a panel of CRM and marketing tools, as well as to unique human expertise delivered by our Marketing Experts team. Our aim is to increase our merchants’ customers’ time-life value in a concrete and measurable manner.

The IZICAP solution is distributed in strong partnership with major banks and acquirers throughout Europe. We help banks monetize payment transaction data, generate new sources of income and improve their retention capabilities.

Making it work

Partnering with banks is no small feat. Banking is among the most highly regulated and overseen industries in the world. In the European Union, we also have GDPR compliance requirements, which restrict the way companies can use and share personal data.

That’s why IZICAP selected IBM Cloud offerings to support our solution. The IBM brand is trusted in the banking industry and gives our banking partners peace of mind.

It’s more than peace of mind, though. We use IBM Cloud Virtual Servers to run our solution. This setup ensures that the solution is scalable, reliable, and security-rich. As of this writing, the IBM Cloud implementation supports our solution for more than 300,000 local merchants, processing more than five million transactions per day.

That much volume also means we have a lot of data to store. To date, we have more than 44 terabytes of data stored using IBM Cloud File Storage, IBM Cloud Backup, and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

New tools for a new world

With COVID-19 changing the way we shop, IZICAP is proud to support small businesses, providing them with a touch-free way to market and communicate directly to their customers. This proved to be a key advantage in the early days of the lockdown, when many merchants shut down entirely and those that remained open struggled to stay in business. Our studies show that merchants with the IZICAP CRM and loyalty solution in place brought in 22 percent more revenue than their counterparts during the lockdown.

The IZICAP solution is fully compatible with contactless payments. This allows our merchants to continue recruiting new customers and developing their businesses safely during this unprecedented time.

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