Easy SSH Sessions into Bluemix

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Easy SSH Sessions into Bluemix

UPDATED: Updated for correctness on 2014-07-14 5:00PM

Dr. Nic Williams recently wrote a great blog post on how to run one-off command line jobs on Cloud Foundry. The same process will work on IBM Bluemix since it’s based on Cloud Foundry.


We can follow the steps listed in the original article exactly. Just download the cf-ssh script, set it as executable, and run it with the correct parameters in the same directory as your app. Here’s the command-line usage:

cf-ssh APP_NAME [-b buildpack] [-p app_path]<br>

So follow those steps and it works! Easy way to run commands from a shell on Bluemix! Remember that you’re not running commands on an actual app instance, just a copy of one. So don’t expect code changes to, say, a PHP app to have any effect. This method is appropriate though for database migrations, sending emails, etc. Enjoy!

IBM Bluemix

Note: This method uses tmate.io behind the scenes, so be aware of the normal risks associated with using a third-party service.

IBM jStart Team, IBM Emerging Technologies

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