Drugs.com Provides Fast, Reliable Medical Information with Help from IBM Cloud

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Drugs.com is a go-to provider of thorough, accurate and unbiased information about more than 24,000 medications.

Case study: “Accurate, independent and on demand

IBM Micromedex with Watson is among the many well-regarded sources Drugs.com uses for content. To maximize the resiliency and speed of its infrastructure, the organization has relied on a combination of IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers and IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for more than a decade. 

“We use IBM Cloud Bare Metal servers for our main production servers because we need the most dedicated, most stable performance we can get.” — Andre Sencioles, System Administrator, Drugs.com

Read the case study to learn more about how Drugs.com supports 50 million visits per month and maintains page download speed of less than 1 second.

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