Digital Event: VMware on IBM Cloud, with Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware

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As enterprise organizations figure out longer-term cloud strategies, they immediately gain the advantage of cloud flexibility, scalability, and availability by managing their existing VMware workloads in a software-defined data center. VMware HCX, for example, enables workloads to flex in and out of cloud data centers as an alternative to maintaining headroom capacity in the form of warm-state hardware. In partnership, IBM Cloud and VMware offer a broad vision for building a smarter business that includes easily migrating VMware workloads for a seamless hybrid cloud experience.

Because of the success of the digital event in the US, we are hosting two more for other geographies around the globe

If you are in Latin America or North America, register below for the digital event being held on August 8, 2018.


If you are in China, Japan, AP, GCG, or MEA, register below for the digital event being held on August 9, 2018.



Keynote by Pat Gelsinger (CEO, VMware), David Kenny (SVP, IBM Cloud and Watson) – 15 minutes

Jenzabar’s Cloud Migration Story (Gus Ortiz, Program Manager, Jenzabar) – 5 minutes

Product Roadmap and Announcements (Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President and General Manager, VMware and Keri Olson, Director, IBM Cloud) – 10 minutes

Use Case Demos (Simon Kofkin-Hansen, CTO for VMware Solutions, IBM Cloud and Jennifer Green, Global Field Principal, Office of CTO, VMware) – 10 minutes

Closing Remarks (Sarah Backhouse)

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