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IBM Cloud DevOps Insights is now generally available

Starting September 23, 2018, IBM Cloud DevOps Insights is generally available, with new service plans in the US South, United Kingdom, and Germany regions. IBM Cloud DevOps Insights provides comprehensive visibility of data across your DevOps tools to increase speed with quality and control.

Teams strive for improvements in productivity, efficiencies, and time-to-market. But the fragmented state of DevOps tools and poor integration between them results in the inability to use data from these tools to easily measure success or improve the quality of their code. DevOps processes, like any other business process, must be data-driven.

  • Poor visibility across tools: Inability to correlate results from various tools and draw holistic insights due to limited integration across tools

  • Limited capability for risk assessment: Decisions are frequently based on limited information and instinct rather than being data-driven

  • Operational complexity: Organizations must evaluate, select, implement, integrate, and roll-out multiple toolchains

Whether you have chosen a transformational approach or an evolutionary approach to improving your process, you need visibility into where you stand and how much progress you are making. DevOps Insights does this in three key ways:

  1. Speed: Expose all of your analytics, across all of your applications, in a single dashboard.

  2. Quality: Mitigate risky releases by implementing gated deployment policies. For example, if there is a policy for Code Coverage, at a selected tolerance, DevOps Insights will always gate against a release of code that does not meet the defined tolerances. Overtime, these policies will help improve the overall quality of the deployment process.

  3. Control: Measure results over time as teams react against the trends in their DevOps practices (through code coverage, unit tests, etc.). These trends will help teams better govern their DevOps practices.

The service can be found under the Developer Tools section of the IBM Cloud catalog and is available today in the US South (Dallas), United Kingdom, and Germany regions.

Here is what you need to know:

  • As of September 23, 2018, IBM Cloud DevOps Insights is generally available, with new service plans in the US South, United Kingdom, and Germany regions.

  • You can select IBM Cloud DevOps Insights from the IBM Cloud catalog and choose a Lite or Paid plan based on your usage needs. DevOps Insights is automatically enabled with the Lite plan—no configuration is required on the user’s behalf.

  • On the Lite Plan, the first three Application Instances per month are free, but insights are limited to one month of historical data.

  • Standard and Enterprise plans are tiered based on the number of Application Instances per month above the two provided in the free tier. Standard plans come with six months of historical data and Enterprise plans come with 12 months of historical data.

Try it today and let us know what you think

Today’s announcement makes available exciting new abilities in the IBM Cloud

  • Aggregate data from a variety of testing and code scanning tools to provide a comprehensive dashboard view of the risk profile of projects.

  • Ensure quality through automated enforcement of policies and gates based on quality metrics.

  • Track your deployment risk based on the test data published to DevOps Insights.

  • Analyze code repositories to yield information about error-prone files, commit trends, and team dynamics.

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