Densou Trading Desk changes the advertising game and increases click rate fivefold

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Real-time, relevant advertising made possible in 14 days with IBM Cloud

Thursday morning Dagmar is reading a captivating Ekstra Bladet article online when she is distracted by the advertisements midway down the page for sunscreen and ice cream.

That reminds her, she needs to stop after work and pick up a few supplies for her weekend getaway at Bornholm Island for what is predicted to be a beautiful long sunny weekend. She’ll have to finish the article later.

Densou Trading Desk is the leading real-time advertising bidding agency in Europe. Founded in 2014, the company works with some of the largest players within the media business, and transacts more than 1 billion impressions a month.

Densou is using IBM Cloud to provide a weather-based banner ad solution to Ekstra Bladet, Denmark’s largest commercial news brand. Densou wanted to work with IBM because it had heard about its investment in cognitive technology, and its acquiring of The Weather Company.

Previously, when Densou’s customers ran a banner campaign, the agency invited a third party to do the design. Now, Densou offers a digital marketing platform — where its customers can design the banners themselves — based on IBM Bluemix and The Weather Company API.

Putting weather data into its platform helps Densou’s customers personalize the banners that they’re displaying.

For example, when it’s sunny and hot in a particular city, and an IP address from that location accesses a website, then it makes sense for customers who sell groceries to show their ice cream or sunscreen banner.

Within 14 days, Densou built its Bluemix solution and created a campaign for a large media company in Denmark and one of its customers. The media company was able to create a series of banner advertisements, and within the first couple of weeks, determined that the click rate increased fivefold when the banner was weather related.

Normally at 0.05%, it actually reached 0.26%.

Densou has effectively created a concrete link between big data and business: Media customers get more value from their advertising investments with ads that are tailored to viewers.

Densou has also decided to migrate everything from its current platform to IBM Bluemix. This way the company can invite its customers to the platform.

The beauty of Bluemix is that it’s an open platform and developers can drag and drop an API into their own applications. The fact that it only took Densou two weeks from idea to winning the first contract is a testament to how easy it is.

Dagmar leaves work early Thursday afternoon because a surprise thunderstorm has knocked out the power in her office building and she no longer has internet access. She picks up sunscreen and a few supplies then returns home to finish a little work she brought home to wrap up before she took off for the weekend. She decides to finish reading the Ekstra Bladet article before she tackles the work. That’s funny, she thinks to herself when she sees the ads displayed on the page, I could really go for some soup tonight and I better not forget to bring my umbrella, just in case.


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