Define a Tekton-Enabled YAML Template and Use it to Create and Config a Tekton Pipeline

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Step-by-step instructions on how to define a Tekton-enabled template and use it to create and pre-config a Tekton Pipeline.

Tekton Pipelines is an open source project (born out of Knative Build) that you can use to configure and run continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines within a Kubernetes cluster. 

Tekton Pipelines are cloud native and run on Kubernetes using custom resource definitions specialized for executing CI/CD workflows, and they can be created and configured by using a YAML template. 

This post will show you how to define a Tekton-enabled YAML template and use it to automatically create and pre-config a Tekton Pipeline.

Defining a Tekton-enabled template

The Tekton Pipeline needs to define a private worker, git inputs , triggers, and essential properties, and these specifications can be defined into a single YAML document. 

The following is a tekton.yaml example:

private_worker: ${PRIVATE_WORKER}
- type: git
  branch: master
  service: ${SAMPLE_REPO}
- type: git
  name: Trigger
  service: ${SAMPLE_REPO}
  branch: master
  events: {"push":true,"pull_request":true,"pull_request_closed":false}
  eventListener: listener
  value: .
  type: text
  value: Dockerfile
  type: text 
  value: 123456
  type: SECURE

The above YAML contains the references to environment variables (enclosed with `${}`) that are defined as a part of configuration in the Pipeline service definition of toolchain.yaml. 

For more detailed information, see "Tekton Pipeline YAML Format."

Using the template to create and config a Tekton pipeline

  1. After you have followed the instructions above and the template is ready, you can go to IBM Cloud to create a toolchain page and redirect to your template link. Here is a public example template
  2. Paste the API Key for the pipeline and the Service-id API Key for the private worker (if the private work needs to be set).
  3. You can then can click the Create button and a configured Tekton pipeline will be ready to use.

The Tekton-enabled template allows you to automatically configure a Tekton pipeline, and it is great for helping groups of people get new projects up and running quickly with a known set of well-integrated tools.

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Learn more about Tekton by reading "Build and Deliver Using Tekton-Enabled Pipelines" and watching our video, "What is Tekton?":

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