Start Small, Build Rapidly, and Scale Elastically with Db2 Warehouse Flex One

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IBM’s newest elastic data warehouse

We’ve had a couple of big announcements in the past year for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. We launched Db2 Warehouse Flex, IBM’s first elastic cloud data warehouse. Then, we brought it to Amazon Web Services (AWS). In that time, we’ve seen immense interest and growth in our business—but this is just the beginning.

Most cloud data warehouse architectures today separate storage and compute layers, allowing customers to scale their data warehouse resources on-demand to accommodate varying workloads (and, ultimately, pay for each component separately). However, storage capacity is often charged by the terabyte. While growing businesses will need to analyze data volumes of this scale in the future, any project starting with just tens or hundreds of gigabytes of data is overpaying for their data warehouse storage. Why pay for a whole terabyte of data when you only store a fraction of that in your current state?

Today, I’m excited to announce the availability of Db2 Warehouse Flex One, our newest (and smallest) elastic data warehouse. Flex One delivers independent scaling of storage and compute and self-service backup and restore in a precise configuration designed to scale with the growing enterprise.

Start small and grow with the pace of your business

Flex One disk storage starts at 40 GB. First and foremost, this allows you to start small and eliminate any overhead that you’d incur by paying for storage by the terabyte. More importantly, you can expand your Flex One storage capacity to 4 TB, which means you don’t have to move to a different warehouse as your data grows into the terabyte scale.

Just like our existing elastic data warehouse models, Flex One allows you to control and optimize compute power for your business by ramping up your compute power when running a heavy workload and scaling back down afterward to save costs. You can easily scale Flex One compute between 6 and 28 vCPUs through an intuitive UI or REST API and take full control over your monthly compute bill.

Ready for any enterprise

Flex One is ideal for any rapidly-growing, data-driven business—it's a fully-managed service that eliminates the complexity of database administration, giving you the freedom to work on more important things like data analysis. It’s production-ready for public and hybrid cloud architectures alike.

In a hybrid cloud architecture, Flex One is a perfect complement to the IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS), our dedicated data warehouse appliance. With the IIAS Lift to Cloud feature, you can easily move a safe subset of your on-premises data to a Db2 Warehouse Flex One system within a few clicks. Teams can then run analytics, data-science, and machine learning workloads on dedicated cloud resources without interrupting core on-premises systems.

Claim $200 in IBM Cloud credit and get started today

We’re thrilled to support data-driven businesses around the world with our world-class, elastic cloud data warehouse. Start your newest data warehouse project today for less than 70 cents per hour and take advantage of $200 in IBM Cloud credit for Flex One. To get started, simply sign up through this link to get $200 in IBM Cloud credit and create your Db2 Warehouse Flex One system through the IBM Cloud Catalog. You can also reach out to your IBM Data + AI (Analytics) sales representative to start a proof-of-concept (POC) and explore our aggressive one- and three-year reserved pricing options.

P.S. Running an on-premises data warehouse on Oracle or SQL Server and want to upgrade to our elastic cloud data warehouse? Use IBM Lift CLI to migrate your data from Oracle or SQL Server to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud for free today!

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