Db2 on Cloud offsite disaster recovery node is now in closed beta

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Db2 on Cloud offsite disaster recovery node is now in closed beta

Today, Db2 on Cloud already has excellent availability characteristics, with a 99.99% SLA and the ability to scale your database without app downtime, unlike other competitors in the market.

High availability nodes have been available for Db2 on Cloud for a long time. However, today we’re announcing a closed beta program for an offsite high availability node, also known as a DR node. This new offsite node can be hundreds of miles away from the primary node, in order to mitigate against large-scale disasters.

We expect Db2 on Cloud’s DR node to be in general availability in early Q1 2018. (Jan-Feb 2018.) Until then, you can join the closed beta by speaking to your IBM representative.

Once in full general availability, you will be able to add a DR node on-demand to your existing Db2 on Cloud service, through your web console. You will be able to choose the exact datacenter you want for the disaster recovery node.

Keep in mind that, today we offer the option to keep your backups in an offsite location. However, the new DR node will allow customers to rapidly sync their data in realtime to a database node they can use as a failover.

Under the hood, Db2 on Cloud uses Db2’s HADR technology in async mode to achieve the offsite node capability.

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