Dashboards for IBM Cloud Private

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Dashboards for IBM Cloud Private


Private clouds will become a major platform in the application landscape, and like every new technology, there are challenges with monitoring and performance. Large enterprises will have a requirement for the IBM Cloud Private components to be monitored and feed alerts to an event management tool for notification and possible incident management, if warranted.

Included in IBM Cloud Private is Prometheus, a time series metric-based open source solution, along with Grafana for visualization. Last year, I studied these solutions and was able to build functional dashboards based on the metric data collected. The Prometheus query language is a bit unique and I have invested more time to gain deeper skills in it.

In parallel, the CSMO team has been quite busy obtaining deeper skills in the products and even helping some customers with Prometheus and Grafana who are already installing IBM Cloud Private. There appears to be quite a bit of early adoption in the field.

This simple diagram displays what is available out of the box for an IBM Cloud Private deployment

IBM Cloud Private

Monitoring an IPC deployment is enabled at installation time and key metrics are collected immediately. We leveraged Grafana to provide observability of the metrics that are collected by Prometheus. With input from numerous IBMers and in collaboration with Robert Barron, we’ve come up with the initial Cloud Service Management and Operations Dashboards to assist an organization with gaining an immediate understanding of the health of their IBM Cloud Private deployments. The dashboards are infrastructure focused.

The dashboards are maintained and available for download from GitHub:

Download Cloud Service Management Operations for IBM Cloud Private

We developed two dashboards both focused on Key Performance Indicator’s such as CPU consumption and memory usage.

For more information, go to the IBM Cloud Garage Method’s Service management architecture.

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