Custom Domain Support is Now Available Globally for IBM Cloud API Management

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Custom domains for managed APIs are globally available

A little over a year ago, the IBM Cloud API management team launched the ability to attach a custom domain to your APIs. These APIs can be built using Cloud FunctionsApp Connect, or an API proxy. At the time, it was available only in the US South region.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been evaluating the success of the custom domain feature and listening to your feedback. What we heard is that it’s an incredibly valuable tool, and that it needs to be available not just in US South, but globally.

Today, we’re announcing the global availability of the custom domains feature for IBM Cloud‘s lightweight API management service. In the process of rolling this out worldwide, we’ve taken usage data and customer feedback into account to make the feature even better.

Setting up your first custom domain

As you create APIs in Cloud Functions, App Connect, or in the API’s console, you’ll see entries for each of those services begin to appear in the new custom domains manager. You can find this page within the API’s console. Previously, all APIs shared a single IBM Cloud domain name. Now, a unique alias will be automatically assigned to each set of your APIs. You can use this alias as the root domain for your API invocations.

When you’re ready to bind your own domain to a set of APIs, first point your domain name to the provided domain alias via a CNAME record. Next, upload the SSL certificates that match your domain. We fully integrated the IBM Cloud Certificate Manager service to handle all of the lifecycle and validation actions for your SSL certificates. We recommend using Certificate Manager for all of your certificate-related needs across IBM Cloud.

Once your domain and certificates are ready, open the entry corresponding to the service in which you created an API. Fill in the domain name and certificate fields, and save your work. Within a few seconds, your domain should be fully ready to handle API traffic.

For more information on managing your custom domains, take a look at our documentation.

Please continue to let us know how we’re doing. We appreciate your feedback!

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