Crowd Density Measurement at the Edge

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Across the world, the health and safety of workers are a priority.

Measures to ensure that crowd sizes are minimal in public venues are being enforced—not just for the present, but likely longer term.

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other airborne viruses, occupancy levels need to remain low. This is true for just about any kind of business—retail stores, supermarkets, factories, banks, civic buildings, etc.

It’s equally important that these businesses can monitor the density of people in a specific space, in real-time.

See how edge computing is used to monitor the density of people in a specific space, based on people counted in the camera’s field of view:

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Here’s how it works

AI-based video analytics with IBM Edge Application Manager can help you keep those people safe.

IBM Edge Application Manager places analytical workloads with edge-enabled cameras that can count the bodies in a triangulated area, measuring density and proximity in real-time without having to recognize the individuals captured in an image.

Since the camera performs the analysis, the video data and individual privacy are protected. You avoid the expense of transmitting, storing, or analyzing that image data further.

Once captured, the system will send the results to the IBM Maximo Worker Insights platform, where you can act on insights that improve personal safety conditions and regulations.

Edge technology can keep people healthy, and with IBM, you can keep them safe, too.

Ready to learn more? Find out how IBM help you act on insights closer to the source of data and accelerate your safe return to work.


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