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Enjoy these complimentary materials from IBM Cloud.

Virtual events are weird because you are always a click away from something else. So, thank you for making it this far.  Here are complimentary materials — including ebooks, reports, tutorials and access to the free cloud services — to help you learn, grow, and achieve success with open source.

Hybrid Cloud Apps with OpenShift and Kubernetes: Delivering Highly Available Applications and Services

hc apps

This book is focused on enabling you to become an expert at running both traditional Kubernetes and the OpenShift distribution of Kubernetes in production environments.

The Value of Open Source in the Cloud Era: Open Source Opens Doors to Greater Opportunity for Developers

In the fall of 2020, IBM, in collaboration with O’Reilly Media, sponsored a survey about open source and the cloud to which roughly 3,440 professional developers and managers responded. They showed strong support for open source and for skills in several open source technologies

open source

Istio Explained: Getting Started with Service Mesh

Microservices can be complicated and difficult to manage, but with this practical guide, you'll learn how service meshes can help you control interactions between the services in your application. Explore what a service mesh is and how it works using Istio—an open source service mesh for managing and securing microservices in a variety of environments spanning cloud, on-premises, and more.

Istio Explained: Getting Started with Service Mesh

Developing Open Cloud Native Microservices: Your Java Code in Action

What are the challenges to creating, running, and supporting cloud native microservices? In this report, developer advocates from IBM explain what you need to know when building new cloud-based applications. Software developers will learn how to work with Java and several modern techniques to develop, deploy, and secure microservices in a cloud native environment.

You’ll examine the key principles for microservices—such as data consistency and continuous delivery—that are important for cloud applications, but also supporting the operational and deployment needs of today’s applications. Learn exactly what cloud native means and why open source, open communities, and open standards are critical to the future of these highly available applications.

Developing Open Cloud Native Microservices: Your Java Code in Action

Reactive Systems Explained: Jump-Start Your Journey to Reactive Architecture

Enterprises are busy transforming themselves by building applications capable of handling massive scale, enormous amounts of data, or both. The good news? There’s an unprecedented choice of open source technologies available to pursue these next-generation applications.

Examine how the reactive architectural style enables microservices-driven applications to react better to their surroundings and to each other. You’ll learn the key patterns of reactive systems and draw distinctions between implementations offered by various toolkits and frameworks.

Reactive Systems Explained: Jump-Start Your Journey to Reactive Architecture

Microservices in the Enterprise, 2021 

How organizations are finding speed, agility and resiliency through microservices. Recently, the IBM Market Development & Insights team conducted a series of surveys that recorded the perceptions and real-world experiences of microservices users and those considering adoption. The results offer great insight into the real-world opportunities and challenges for implementing a microservices development approach.

Microservices in the Enterprise, 2021 

IBM Cloud Free Tier

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Developer Tutorials

Complete set of steps including sample code that are focused on specific tasks. Tutorials provide step-by-step instructions that a developer can follow to complete a specific task or set of tasks.


Complimentary Course from the IBM Center for Cloud Training

The IBM Cloud Associate Solution Advisor interactive learning path is free. It helps build the skills and knowledge required to discuss and use IBM Cloud with confidence.

This learning path is recommended for all technical job roles, has no prerequisites and provides approximately 25 hours of content, including practice exercises in a virtual lab environment.

Complimentary Course from the IBM Center for Cloud Training

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