Celebrating our Customers

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A big thank you to all of our customers.

Since our founding day on June 16th, IBM and its customers have been in the business of collecting, quantifying, and analyzing information to transform industries and society. While our business has evolved over the years—from time recording clocks and computing scales to cloud, data, and AI software and solutions—sharing the success of YOU, our customers, has remained a constant.

Join us this week in a celebration of the IBM Cloud customers—spanning industries from finance to healthcare to media—who are powering the next generation of progress. 

Media Monday


NBCUniversal accelerated testing from 6–8 weeks to 3 hours, while improving code quality.

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FOX Sports

During the FIFA World Cup 2018, FOX Sports sent over 2,700 total live feeds over commodity internet between Moscow and Los Angeles, despite Russia’s unique challenges with international data connectivity.

Editorial teams saw program feeds arriving “ready to work” directly into their edit systems within seconds of the action. And all of it came with significant cost savings. More than 150 feature highlights were created with enhanced storytelling to support live coverage across two FOX channels

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Travel Tuesday

American Airlines

American Airlines launched Dynamic Rebooking in less than half the time expected and now has an app that is easy to enhance based on customer feedback. American received great customer feedback on the new app, which provides vital information and control to customers when travel plans are disrupted. Customers almost always choose the airline’s first suggestion—a clear validation of American’s underlying algorithms.

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Lufthansa Group applies IBM Watson technology to analyze data about previous customer service engagements for insights that help agents answer current inquiries. Digital transformation of the travel experience is a priority for the airline industry. Lufthansa Group is exploring ways that AI technology can help in its transformation.

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Wellness Wednesday

Well Living Lab

The Well Living Lab is the first scientific research center to conduct exclusively human-centered studies investigating the impact of indoor environments on health and well-being. They are improving health with evidence-based findings that will drive new solutions for better living and working environments.

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Kilroy Blockchain

Kilroy Blockchain uses AI and Blockchain technologies from IBM to create applications crucial to daily use cases. Riley is an application that helps the blind and the visually impaired to navigate around their surroundings, while Cognitive Roadway Knowbot helps cities tap into data they couldn't before.

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Transformation Thursday

Carnegie Mellon University

The facilities-management services team at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) knew that it could find significant energy and operational savings if it had better information about the operating condition of its assets. Carnegie Mellon University is unlocking deeper intelligence from building-asset data by implementing a unified facilities-management solution.

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Alpine Electronics

Alpine visualizes and controls its quality management system (QMS) business processes. Their QMS project transformed conventional static process management into dynamic process management with a continuous update mechanism.

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Flowers & Finance Friday


1-800-FLOWERS.COM delivered a seamless service experience across brands, boosting efficiency and driving down costs.

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UBank launched new initiatives, including a virtual assistant to support the bank’s online home loan application.

As a lean organization with a self-imposed limit on headcount, UBank excels at finding innovative ways to meet demands. 

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Suite Saturday

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Starwood delivers new solutions to the business approximately 50% faster than they could a couple of years ago. As a result, the business can try more and innovate faster, with less risk.

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Wenngarn Castle

Wenngarn Group wanted to deliver a completely seamless experience to all visitors and residents. The aim was to enable them to use their mobile phones to do everything from opening their hotel room to making restaurant reservations. By providing visitors with a mobile app that helps them make the most out of the complex, Wenngarn Group ensures that every visitor has a great stay.

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Thank you!

Though you may come from diverse fields, you all have one thing in common—you are effectively using technology to transform your processes and impact change across your industry. IBM wouldn’t be where it is today without all of you.

Thank you!

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