Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation: Java on z/OS

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From its beginning, IBM recognized Java as a key component of delivering innovation, performance and portability on IBM zSystems.

In 1997, IBM released its first SDK for Java on IBM zSystems hardware. A quarter-century later, Java remains one of the top development languages for modern enterprise applications. The maturity of Java APIs, libraries and frameworks increases developer velocity and provides a consistent hybrid cloud development and deployment experience. While much has evolved since the original release, the design principles and resulting benefits of an SDK for Java on IBM zSystems remain consistent.

The benefits of pairing Java and IBM zSystems

Java has been a pillar for IBM z/OS, designed to enable modernization and innovation by doing the following:

  • Dynamically detecting and optimizing for IBM zSystems hardware where business-critical applications are deployed, even when upgrading to new hardware.
  • Implementing the Java language based on open-source specifications to allow companies to easily move applications to IBM zSystems and take advantage of processing bandwidth and colocation with critical data and applications.
  • Enabling hardware and software stack optimizations to enhance your Java application’s quality of service to maximize the performance and benefits of IBM zSystems hardware and middleware, including WebSphere, Liberty, CICS, IMS, MQ and Db2.
  • Bringing together a large ecosystem of development communities and frameworks, allowing Java developers to leverage readily available skills and develop applications quickly and consistently.
  • Supporting the latest application and DevOps frameworks on z/OS—such as MicroProfile and Spring Boot—to build next-generation applications.

In addition, IBM zSystems remains one of the best platforms to run Java workloads, allowing for the following:

  • Cost-effective application modernization by running eligible Java applications on IBM z Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs).
  • Use of open-source Java and cloud innovations (before they are delivered as a z/OS native solution) as provided by Linux on IBM Z and IBM z/OS Container Extensions.
  • Capitalizing on traditional IBM zSystems’ benefits, such as security, scalability, reliability, availability, and serviceability. 

This versatile programming language has helped IBM build highly robust, scalable, and reliable modern enterprise applications on IBM zSystems, For example, Atruvia AG, an IT service provider is using Java to accelerate the creation of new services and extend the life and value of its core applications alongside COBOL within IMS on IBM zSystems.

"We see Java® on IBM® zSystems as a key technology in driving competitive advantage for our clients." - Atruvia AG.

Read the full Atruvia AG case study.

Looking to the future with Java

I am excited about the future of Java development at IBM. In 2021, we began the next phase of our Java journey by rebranding IBM SDK for z/OS, Java to IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition for z/OS®. This new version includes key innovations to support the latest in both Java 11 and IBM zSystems technology, particularly the enhanced performance and security that is needed to accelerate application modernization efforts. Also, its inclusion of open-source components and the resulting benefit of using the open-source community allows us to embrace the future of development.

In addition, Java on z/OS plays an integral part of the hybrid cloud approach to application modernization with the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack

For 25 years, IBM zSystems' customers have embraced the Java language to power their success. Let's work together to make you the next success story

Check out a short video featuring 25 years of innovation with Java on IBM zSystems:

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